Work It, Mama: Work From Home Income Sources

I’m a bonafide stay-at-home mom now, enjoying precious time with my little baby bubba every single day and trying not to think about the huge loss of pay I am experiencing by leaving my corporate job. But it’s worth it to me, and I’m a driven woman who just knows this world has some legitimate sources of income available for those who are willing to find ’em!  I’m still looking for more, but for now, here are 5 tried and true ways to earn some income while staying home with your babe.

1. eBay – I recently scoured my home from top to bottom for unused items. Then I took pretty product photos of all of my unwanted junk and SOLD IT ON EBAY. I had an old necklace that I never wore go for over $300! eBay sales are auction-style so if you’ve got some quality stuff lying around the home you may end up with sold solid extra cash. If you really get into it, you can even comb through local garage sales for deals and then re-sale on eBay! This can end up being a great little side hustle. Just open up a shop on eBay (it’s free), and let the bidding begin.

2. Teach English online – Like children? Think you could teach? At pay rates of $14-$22 an hour, this one has the potential to make some good money. If you have a 4-year degree you can apply to teach English one-on-one to children in China ages 4-12. Not even kidding. Go to VIPKid to check it out!

3. Freelance Writing – If you enjoy writing, there are many freelance writer opportunities available. The one I’ve found that I like best is Text Broker.  You sign yourself up, take a little writing test, and receive a rating as a writer, which determines the price range you can earn per article. Then choose an article topic and get to writing! You really can do this in your spare time. It’s a few bucks at a time, but Text Broker rates each article you write, giving you the opportunity to increase you base earning potential by putting out one stellar piece after another. There’s a lot of earning potential here, if you’re dedicated.

4. Dog Walking and Pet Sitting – OK, technically this isn’t from home because you’d be outside, or at someone else’s home. And also, full disclosure: I haven’t tried this myself, but… A friend of mine legitimately opened up a dog walking/pet sitting business less than 6 months ago, and she is now making more money than she ever made working a regular 9-5. Dog owners always need someone to walk their dog on a busy work day or pet sit overnight when out of town. Make yourself a Facebook page and start by marketing your services to your friends!

5. Babysit!! – This is an age-old extra money maker. Every parent out there needs a sitter from time to time. Keep your prices inexpensive ($10/hour for date night, $40 a day for drop-in daycare of 4 hours or more), and network everywhere you go! At the park? Talk to the other moms. Live in a subdivision? Post signs on light poles. Go to PTA meetings, go to soccer games, go to pick up at the local elementary school and give your card to all the moms! Be friendly, be reliable, and be yourself, and you can make some really good extra income.

Ok mamas, I hope this helps. I’ve been “out of work” for about two months now and have brought in about $600 with these resources. Without even trying that hard. Every little bit helps, am I right?? Gotta run, I hear a chubby-cheeked bubba waking up, and mama needs some kisses.

P.S. – If you have any money-making sources for me, I’m all ears. Xo


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