Pretty Mama

When I was pregnant with Bubba and people told me I was glowing, I politely thanked them and then secretly felt like they were lying to me. Every part of me was puffy, and I was so, so tired, all of the time. None of that is cute when you also have a watermelon and two cantaloupes stuffed under your shirt. I usually don’t care about such things (boy mom), but as my pregnancy progressed, and I began to smell like a trucker who craved nachos, I started to feel like my body was somehow less mine, belonging instead to the powerful boyness that grew inside. Desperately clinging to the precious little femininity I had left, I painted my toenails and shaved my legs and applied makeup. Still, under eye bags and an increasingly ruddy complexion persisted. So, when I was 36 weeks, at the height of the sweaty, behemoth period of my pregnancy, I indulged in a few fancy skincare products.

I have never felt more girly, with the exception of one time in my early 20s when I treated myself to a set of acrylic nails (which, sidenote, did not make me as instantly classy as I had hoped). To ensure maximum usage, I set my new potions on my side table, next to the Tums (pregnancy heartburn can suck it), the Vicks vapor rub (pregnancy sinus congestion can suck it), and my book of Sudoku puzzles (fun at any stage of life). Every night I brushed my teeth, waddled to bed, dotted on some eye cream and skin soothing goodness, and chilled out with Sudoku. Then I spent the next 8 or so hours alternatively trying to find a comfortable sleeping position and waking myself up with my own snoring. Pregnancy is such a magical time.

Y’all. I wanted to feel girly so I bought some stuff. I didn’t expect any results, particularly because I attributed all skin changes to my temporary fleshy-mom-shell situation, but pretty much overnight my eyes brightened and depuffed, and my skin took on this smooth, luminescent quality. What the what! Suddenly I felt like a pretty mama, as glowy as everyone told me I was! I mean, I get that the glow folks refer to when speaking to a pregnant lady is that soon-to-be mama happiness shining out of her eyes, which is nice, but shut up when I feel uncomfortable and oily, amiright??

I’m now nearly 6 months postpartum and, though I haven’t had my hair done or touched my eyebrows since I was pregnant, I can happily report that I’m still feeling the skin love. If you are like me and wanting to feel pretty, I suggest you buy that fancy stuff you have had your eye on. Indulge! Soothe that peeling skin, rock that new handbag, go get that massage mama, and then you too will feel oh so glamorous while you clean up baby barf. Self care my friends. It’s the little things.

And now some video evidence/squirmy baby cuteness.